Packaging Solutions

Development and production of packaging requires strict management of brand integrity and process timelines. Delays in concept and design may result in increased production costs and impact product delivery.

Efficient processes and quality of product deliver significant production savings to our clients in the packaging sector.

Our specialist packaging solutions are currently utilised by premium packaging organisations focused on quality and security of supply.

PMP Digital offer a comprehensive suite of software and services to help you connect the design, production, communication and management phases of the packaging and print supply including:

  • Digital Workflow Solutions
  • Artwork Control via Campaign Management & Collaborative Approval
  • Legal Compliance
  • Creative Concept and Design
  • Customer Onsite Studios
  • Colour Management

Common Challenges

How can you maintain version control throughout the production process without incurring costly delays?


The integration of Esko, our digital workflow solution, will enable your business to maintain greater control over the production process through systemised campaign management and collaborative approvals.

This ensures jobs are produced according to specifications and that risk is minimised through online lodgement of audit trails.

How can you seamlessly manage stakeholders across different departments and locations?


Stakeholders across departments are assigned responsibilities and deadlines to ensure transparency and accountability throughout the entire production process.

As Esko is an online system, users can access their work remotely. Making it easier to liaise with manufacturers and clients off site, locally and overseas, giving you the comfort that stakeholder buy-in is managed every step of the way.

Can we trial a new product for our clients before it goes to market?


PMP Digital provide creative concept and design to allow clients to develop proof of concept on three dimensional (3D) packaging.

This supports and enhances effective shelf planning and enables product managers to review size, colour and positioning of a concept digitally without expensive production costs.

How can you cost effectively manage peak production times whilst maintaining brand consistency and speed to market?


PMP Digital provides a dedicated team of skilled resources to work as a part of your team to service your creative, production and premedia requirements.

This enables your team to work in alignment with our production department to efficiently and effectively manage briefs, approval times and  last minute changes.

An onsite model gives you all the benefits of an in-house production team, without the associated costs. It removes your staff management and infrastructure costs allowing you to better plan and manage your workload to meet deadlines.

How can you better manage brand and colour guidelines?


In high volume production environments, our digital workflow solutions and colour management software can accurately simulate and control what the final product will look like, across one or multiple print locations.

We utilise sophisticated colour management techniques to ensure accuracy and consistency of colour reproduction for a range of printing processes.

This is achieved through specialised colour profiling and press fingerprinting techniques which are applied to deliver ISO colour standards, 3DAPv3 verification and accurate representation of print ready files.


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