Corporate Solutions

As organisations execute marketing activity across an increasing number of channels, the need for controlled processes become even more critical to ensure consistent representation of your brand and message in the marketplace.

Project visibility across your marketing activity can identify process improvements, areas of duplication and bottlenecks.

Marketers in medium to large scale organisations often deal with multiple decision makers across domestic and international sites, impacting speed to market. Market pressures mean that campaigns must be targeted and timely, or they risk losing competitive advantage.

We understand that the corporate arena experiences varying levels of complexity depending on the nature of your business. From financial services to insurance we can tailor a solution to best meet your needs:

Common Challenges

How can you effectively manage digital assets across your organisation?


PMP Digital's private asset management systems store client images in one centralised location in a consistent and professional standard. This allows you to control your product image requirements and ensure the right one is used every time.

Our asset management systems are so clever that they can even repurpose images to suit your chosen medium – whether it be jpeg, eps or gif, in high and low resolution.

How can you streamline, manage and automate your content, marketing offers and communications across multiple channels and stakeholders?


Campaign management across multiple channels is made easy with our automated workflow solutions. Marketing, product managers, communications departments and legal can collaborate seamlessly and cohesively via one intelligent system, DMarketer.

This centralised system allows companies to manage marketing workflow, image and brand libraries, content briefing and collaboration, approvals and multi-channel publishing.

How can you cost effectively manage peak production times whilst maintaining brand consistency and speed to market?


PMP Digital provides a dedicated team of skilled resources to work as a part of your team to service your creative, production and premedia requirements.

This enables your team to work in alignment with our production department to efficiently and effectively manage briefs, approval times and  last minute changes.

An onsite model gives you all the benefits of an in-house production team, without the associated costs. It removes your staff management and infrastructure costs allowing you to better plan and manage your workload to meet deadlines.

Do you need to shoot quality and creative images for your marketing needs?


PMP Digital, through Dimension Studios, provide photographic services for high-scale retail catalogue production through our large network of studios across Australia.

We regularly work with leading corporations to shoot for their marketing campaigns within tight timelines - without compromising quality or creativity.

Our team can also retouch, contour and prepare computer generated imagery (CGI) to ensure high quality image reproduction and colour integrity.

How can you better manage brand and colour guidelines?


PMP Digital helps protect your brand by utilising sophisticated colour management techniques to ensure accuracy and consistency of colour reproduction for desired communication channels, including a range of print, digital and web applications.

This is achieved through specialised colour profiling and press fingerprinting techniques which are applied to deliver ISO colour standards, 3DAPv3 verification and accurate representation of print ready files.


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