Products & Services

PMP Digital offer a wide range of premedia, creative and workflow solutions to support the production of marketing materials across a range of industries. Our unique skills, state of the art technology and substantial resources deliver high quality, tangible outcomes for clients.

We provide accurate and consistent production and workflow services that deliver the following benefits to our clients:

  • Greater control of key processes
  • Reduced operational expenses
  • Faster speed to market
  • Secure, accurate representation of brands
  • Greater confidence in systems and resources

We specialise in the creation, design and production of marketing and packaging materials through:

Customer Onsite Studios


PMP Digital offer clients a fully resourced production facility at their offices. Skilled staff and resources are on hand to fulfil and enable customer strategies and marketing requirements, including production of catalogues and print advertisements, application of local area marketing initiatives, point-of-sale and packaging requirements.

Colour Management


PMP Digital helps protect your brand by utilising sophisticated colour management techniques to ensure accuracy and consistency of colour reproduction for desired communication channels, including a range of print, digital and web applications. This is achieved through specialised colour profiling and press fingerprinting techniques which are applied to deliver ISO colour standards, 3DAPv3 verification and accurate representation of print ready files.

Marketing Automation and Workflow Solutions


PMP Digital give clients greater confidence through the provision of modern technology and software that enhance process and efficiency, manage assets, protect intellectual property (IP) and improve product / campaign life cycles. Workflow solutions are fully flexible and can be tailored to meet individual client needs, following consultation with our qualified account managers. We provide solutions for:

  • Merchandise / Marketing collaboration – streamlined and optimised ability for teams to collaborate across activity
  • Catalogue and production automation - real-time catalogue automation cycles for management and production
  • Multichannel Publishing and eCommerce Content - automated capability to publish marketing content across all channels - web/print/mobile
  • Management, briefing and submission of products and offers - product offer information management

Page Design and Build


PMP Digital is provided with a creative concept that we faithfully reproduce across all pages using Premedia software applications.

Digital Artwork Preparation


PMP Digital is supplied a file with all pages designed including pictures, fonts and graphical elements. We ensure adherence with compliance, output specifications and quality expectations.

Digital Proofing


PMP Digital provides our customers content and colour accurate proofs with either continuous tone or dot proofing.

Digital File Delivery - Advertising


PMP Digital is supplied advertising material that we process and validate against Australian Newspaper standards before delivering to the correct destination.

Private Digital Asset Management


PMP Digital provide a customer branded interface to an asset management portal where all of your digital assets (image, file, office document, video etc.) are securely stored. You are provided 24/7 access and your assets can be repurposed for multiple uses.

Photography Services


PMP Digital, through Dimension Studios, provide photographic services for high-scale retail catalogue production through our large network of studios across Australia.

We regularly work with leading retailers to shoot marketing campaigns within tight timelines - without compromising quality or creativity.

Our team can also retouch, contour and prepare computer generated imagery (CGI) to ensure high quality image reproduction and colour integrity from catalogue to catalogue.