Go to market faster with DMarketer

Manage and fast track the production of your campaigns with DMarketer.

DMarketer’s easy-to-use and intuitive dashboard can lead to significant time and costs savings for your business by seamlessly integrating marketing management, content and artwork briefing with assets, products and related information.

Products and assets consist of logos, images, fonts, brochures, corporate identity packs, legal disclaimers, pricing, offers, financial statements, or anything that needs to be consistently applied on your marketing materials

DMarketer uses web-based technology that incorporates asset and product management, systematic page build and approval capabilities to facilitate and streamline publishing across a range of marketing channels.

This powerful enterprise marketing workflow solution is designed to centralise and manage campaign material so that your marketing and merchandising teams, and associated agency partners, can all access the online portal to fast-track critical decisions across multiple campaigns and projects.

DMarketer is the smart marketing workflow solution for:

  • Marketing management
  • Content and briefing automation
  • Managing marketing assets, products and offers
  • Publishing content across a range of channels
  • Systematic approvals of layouts and page builds
  • Activity tracking and reporting

Visit our website at www.dmarketer.com.au or request a demo to discover how DMarketer can help you get your campaigns to market faster.